We distribute active, passive and electromechanical components, both from the most known brands but also from our own linecard.

When it comes to distribution from authorized sources we always strive to find the regional differencies in price and are able to deliver against scheduled orders or forecast. Our goal is to find cost savings and shorter lead times.

  • Always from authorized sources
  • Focus on Asia, where the volumes puts pressure on pricing
  • EOL (End Of Life) and PCN (Product Change Notification) handling is a must.

For products from our own linecard, we always seek to develop it, with suppliers that can contribute with quality parts at aggressive pricing and short leadtimes.

Our primary target is to be able to present cost effective alternatives to the manufacturers that today are present in our customer Bill Of Materials.

We do not solely refer to eqvivalents but in many cases also new, unique components for new designs.

  • We focus on suppliers that have a good marketshare on their domestic market but not yet have been starting to expand in exporting.
  • Our manufacturers are predominantly present in Taiwan, Korea and China.
  • EOL (End Of Life) and PCN (Product Change Notification) processes is a must.